Saskatchewan today: coldest place in Canada?

Environment Canada says entire province is under extreme cold warning

CBC News Posted: Jan 12, 2017 7:34 AM CT Last Updated: Jan 12, 2017 2:28 PM CT

Going for a walk in Regina isn't a lot of fun these days, due to wind chill temperatures in the -30s and -40s.

Going for a walk in Regina isn't a lot of fun these days, due to wind chill temperatures in the -30s and -40s. (SRC)

As another day of deep freeze began, Saskatchewan was just about the coldest place in the country.

In a rare move, Environment Canada issued extreme cold weather warnings for the entire province.

Stony Rapids, in the province's far north, had the lowest temperature in Canada at 7 a.m. CST: –42.9 C.

The province's "hot spot" was the Cypress Hills area in the extreme southwest, where it was a 

less-than-balmy –25 C early this morning.

Cold weather map in Saskatchewan

In a rare move, Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for the entire province of Saskatchewan. (Environment Canada)

Temperatures in many communities were in the –30s, but with the wind factored in, it felt like it was 

well into in the –40s or even -50s.  Here are some of the peak wind speeds observed in the last 24 hours:

  • Meadow Lake: 70 km/h.
  • Lloydminster: 78 km/h.
  • North Battleford: 85 km/h.
  • Saskatoon: 78 km/h.
  • Rosetown: 78 km/h.
  • Kindersley: 80 km/h.
  • Elbow: 81 km/h.
  • ​Estevan: 83 km/h.
  • Prince Albert: 74 km/h.
  • Leader: 78 km/h.
  • Swift Current: 83 km/h.
  • Moose Jaw: 85 km/h.
  • Regina: 76 km/h.
  • Yorkton: 83 km/h.
  • Weyburn: 74 km/h.

Many school divisions were cancelling bus service for a second day due to the cold, but were 

keeping their schools open.

Here are some of the lowest wind chills, which give an approximate measure of how cold it feels 

during windy weather, reported today in the province:

  • Meadow Lake: –51.
  • Key Lake: –53.
  • Collins Bay: –51.
  • Uranium City: –52.
  • Stony Rapids: –51.
  • Saskatoon: –45.  
  • Regina: –46.    
  • Estevan: –45.    
  • Yorkton: –44.    
  • North Battleford: –44.    
  • Prince Albert: –45.
  • Swift Current: –43.  

Meanwhile, Environment Canada says milder temperatures are on the way. Temperatures are expected 

to "moderate" tonight, the weather agency says.

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